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Simply type in a category of Motorsport you are looking for and search the up and coming events or if you are simply looking for something to do simply search the events and see what takes your interest,get the directions and your on your way.


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A detail list of events of all motorsports from circuit racing,speedway,drags,rc cars and more with the closest events across all motorsports within the United States and Australia and all the details.


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The Go2MotorSports app supplies racers and spectators with all the information they need ,with contact information for latest updates,a detailed map and direction to help you on your way with costs for individuals and families. Event videos and description of the event, links to web sites and addition information.

About us

Go2MotorSports was designed by two Motorsport enthusiasts with the interest of all motorsports to assist both spectators and competitors in finding local,national and international events and information,this app is designed to bring all motorsports to one home making it easy for all people to attend events that they enjoy,we are happy to bring you Go2MotorSports with the aim to publish all small club events and major national events with ease of the Go2MotorSports app.


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